10 Safest Vehicles Under $20,000

10 Safest Vehicles Under $20,000

When picking out which multi-ton chunk of metal to drive about at highway speeds…it really is greatest to know how secure it is. Thanks in element to these semi-autonomous systems, Volvo has pledged that no a single will die in one particular of its automobiles after 2020 while that target undoubtedly seems ambitious, the onrushing era of self-driving cars Chevy Engine does seem to recommend there will come a day when automotive fatalities are as uncommon as industrial airline-connected deaths. Just mainly because a car or truck seems on the list beneath does not automatically mean it comes regular with all of the available security functions needed to earn the major award.

Hyundai Motor Co. had the most Major Security Pick+ award recipients, such as its Kia and luxury Genesis brands. From the IIHS, we took all the automobiles that accomplished the highest ranking of Major Safety Pick +, which signifies fantastic Dealer ratings in five separate crash tests, good marks in front crash prevention, and a powerful displaying for headlight brightness. It really is the 2017 Chevy Sonic, a subcompact providing that comes as a sedan and a hatchback.

But this Subaru also comes with a lot of regular and optional safety attributes. The Hyundai Elantra occupies an odd position on our list of the ten safest automobiles beneath $20,000. Safety belts, crumple zones, airbags, traction control—they’ve all helped to build safer automobiles and save thousands of lives considering that they were implemented decades ago. We’ve arrived at the least expensive model to earn a spot on our list of the safest automobiles that cost under $20,000.

Toyota lands a spot on our list of the safest automobiles below $20,000 with a vehicle that wasn’t even a Toyota till this year — the Yaris iA. The Yaris iA was previously sold as the iA beneath the now-shuttered Scion brand, which presented a bunch of decent automobiles that failed to gain traction. The Volkswagen Golf kicks off our list of the safest new vehicles under $20,000 with a cost that just squeaks in beneath the cutoff.

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