How to Properly Maintain Your GPU for Optimal Performance

How to Properly Maintain Your GPU for Optimal Performance

Summary: Max performance requires continuous maintenance.

 Your ground power unit is only as good as its mechanism. And, if you have logged more than 300 hours since your last inspection, it’s time to head to the shop to have all areas inspected and replaced (if applicable).

Perform Maintenance Frequently

We at Start Pac recommend that you allocate a specific time frame towards the maintenance of your GPU so you don’t run into technical issues that could potentially harm the battery or internal circuitry of your aircraft. Conversely, you could only require minor changes such as fuel filter or oil filter replacements. If you’re looking for maximum performance from your GPU, be sure to check the condition of your filters. If they’re dirty, simply replace them or have a shop take care of it for you.

Check for Loose Belts, Links, and Connections

If your 28 volt battery pack utilizes an electronic actuator as it’s primary governing system, the linkages must be lubricated and bound as needed. This is a mandatory process that prolongs the life of your unit. Additionally, the accessory belts must be inspected in the case that they are cracking or have become loose. Most technicians will take care of this for you, but if you are more of a DYI guy, it’s easily replaceable.

One of the primary concerns of 28 volt power supplies is the battery’s electrolyte levels. The gauges must read accurately, or you could have significant voltage drops and unsteady current rates. Terminals and cables may have something to do with it, so be sure to clean and tighten them if needed.

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