The Future Of Frik and Site Changes

The Future Of Frik and Site Changes

By Todd TevlinMonday - February 18th, 2013Categories: News

Believe it or not, this bi-weekly comic has been going on for almost 3 years now. It’s amazing how far it’s come and in two weeks Frik will celebrate its 75th episode. It’s been fun creating it but soon there will be a shift in my creative endeavors.

For several months I’ve really mulled over Frik’s future as well as other things. Do I make a Volume 4 or actually start working on other comic ideas I have? Do I put Frik on hiatus and work on the other stuff? Can I do both and juggle family life at the same time? Can I even make a living at this? Believe me, this is not something I’ve taken lightly.

So with that said, I have decided that once Episode 75 airs, Frik will be on hiatus so I can work on other comic ideas. Now don’t despair, I already have two ideas for future Frik releases that won’t be a full volume of episodes, but isolated short story sort of books, which will more than likely go straight to print because…

With this decision comes changes to my business model for Frik. You may have noticed how alot of past episodes are no longer available online. Everything from Volume One and Two and some of Three are now gone and replaced by a SAMPLES page that promotes each book and shows sample episodes plus tells you what bonus material there is. In time, the remaining 10 episodes from Volume Three will also be gone from the site, but I’m leaving them up for people who may not be a regular reader so they can catch up on what is going on. Why am I making this change?

The big reason is that I want to make a living at this, so for me, the “give it away for free online” business model I’ve been following for three years no longer works. To be blunt, I want people to buy my books and other merchandise. I think my work is strong enough and people like it, so why not? I’ve scheduled several comic conventions I’ll be appearing in (hopefully with more to come) to sell Frik as well as the other future comic ideas I have.

I want to thank the few of you who have been with me since the beginning on this. I have a small handful of faithful readers who come back each and every episode, and I just wanted to let you know that you people rock! I would have given up on this a long time ago if it weren’t for you. If any of you have any questions about all this, feel free to leave comments in this thread and I’ll answer them!

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