Protect Yourself With a Paint Booth Filter

Protect Yourself With a Paint Booth Filter

A basic paint is made with a variety of substances that are toxic. If you breathe in any of the harsh organic compounds, you could develop a severe health problem. Paint booth manufacturers understand that paint fumes are dangerous, which is why every unit is designed with a compartment for a filter.

Why Paint Fumes are Harmful

VOCs are produced when various components are combined while paints are manufactured. After a coat of paint is applied onto an object, a byproduct generates within a booth. This byproduct is a gas, so it can float around in confined space for a long time. If a booth is located outside, the results will be worse since VOCs are more concentrated in outdoors.

The Health Effects

A good paint filter can help you avoid many health issues. Typical long-term effects include:

Kidney damage
Nervous system problems
Liver disease

The short-term health effects aren’t as severe; however, without a filter, you’ll have to pace yourself as you paint since exposure time can impact some symptoms. Common examples of short-term effects are:

Coordination difficulties
Allergic skin reactions

A Filter Provides Long-Term Benefits

When paint dries, the chemicals in the product will emit an odor. The substances that generate this smell slowly evaporate in the air inside a booth as the paint dries. By using a filter, you won’t have to stay out of your booth while paint is still fresh.

Important Considerations

Although a paint filter can block harmful fumes, you’ll have to implement other procedure in order to protect yourself from other elements. For example, over time, dust can generate on different surfaces in a booth. If you have allergies, the microscopic particles may affect you during a paint project. However, you can keep dust out of your booth by:

Removing all unnecessary items
Caulking the frames
Reducing booth traffic

A paint booth filter is a good investment because it eliminates toxic fumes that cause health problems. If you’re going to get a spray booth filter Salt Lake City Utah, always keep the booth dust-free after the filtration device is installed.

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