Understanding the Role of Frequency Converters in Airports

Understanding the Role of Frequency Converters in Airports

Typically at commercial airports, you will find that once the planes are parked on the runway, they require a source of ground power once their engines are off. Most airports utilize a centralised source of power that powers all the ground power units (either mobile or pitted) in the entire airport.

Airport Power Systems

Now most airports will have a power system that will operate on either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. If you’re looking for 28 volt power supplies for your aircraft, Start Pac can supply you with the finest aircraft ground equipment that’s built to last.

Airports also utilize frequency converters if the need to change the power to 400 Hz is required. Most modern aircraft models operate a no-break power transfer which means that power consumption is usually transferred from the plane’s power generation unit to the ground power unit without any interrupted power flow. This synchronization is all carried out through the aircraft’s onboard equipment. However, it should be noted that not all aircraft synchronism equipment functions accurately. Therefore, other forms of power sources are utilized to ensure that adequate power flows throughout the aircraft at all times. Most airports will employ frequency converters that can detect aircraft synchronization problems which minimize power flow problems and ensure that a smooth process occurs.

No matter the case, commercial airports are now utilizing the latest technology to ensure that proper power usage is covered throughout the entire airport. New systems are being developed to enhance this even further.

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